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the cAeT's FANFICT LiBrArY

A while back, during a horrific episode of summer school (in ARIZONA!! Need I say more?), I fell into the addictive habit of reading fanficts (fan fictions). Ranma, Sailormoon, you name it... Some were good, an' some, well... But, 'nuf rambling. TRIPOD insists on me building another page 'else no more webpage...which would suck. For me at least. So in compliance, I'm building another page - this time it's dedicated to my new anime-derived habit, FANFICTs!!! So w/o further ado...
Here's a short fic to get you started!!
Far away yet Very Close: Girl from China

Ranma look at the black book that he was holding. Slowly, his hand turn to a certain pages and began reading. Many years ago a tale tell a young man and woman enjoying each other as they laugh and chat by the riverside in spring. The girl would throw peaches and plums to the boy to declare her love. But one day the boy didn’t show up. “What is this, some kind of romance story!?” said Ranma Day pass by but he didn’t can. Soon day turn to month and month turn to year till she learn that he have die of illness. But the girl didn’t cry for as they have promised to be together forever. The girl would wait by the river everyday and would come back only to do the same thing the next day. Soon the girl fallen ill but people said that her soul have follows the boy as her body was there but there was nothing in her eyes."If true love is missing from a person's life, although alive they will be as if dead,”thus the people took her body and lay her to the bottom of the pool now called Chouchuanshan or in Japanese, Jusenkyou. Ranma read the book again. He have found a black book on his window a year ago when he first arrive at the Tendou and haven’t bother to see who it belong to or what was in it and now he have went through his closet and found this book when he heard someone or something telling him to find this. “This can not be happening. Yeah probably just a stupid book, yeah that what it is, stupid book,” said Ranma as he throw the book back in the closet. The book open up and a page lay out. Even now the girl body still lay there, at the bottom of the pool. People said that someday the boy will return for her and with him, her soul he carry.
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