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the cAeT's meow

check this space for the cAeT's manga/anime picks!! this month's features the storytelling of buronson (aka sho fumimura) and the artwork of ryoichi ikegami. a more dynamic duo in the field of manga, there never was!! but don't take my word for it! check out their awe-inspiring teamwork for yourself!! read...

--> strain a human life is worth so little to professional assassin mayo that he will kill you for just $5! but when the "organisation" hires him to murder the teenage prostitute shion, he takes pity on her and attacks the organisation instead. has mayo finally bitten off more than he could chew? is there a secret agenda behind the organisation's actions? and just who is shion's father?

--> sanctuary two young men vow to transform the destiny of japan - by any means. as children they survived the horrors of the cambodian killing fields together. now, can they topple the leaders of both the japanese parliament and the yakuza (crime syndicate)?

--> mai the psychic girl (story by kazuya kudo) though mai seems no different than any other 14-yr-old girl, she is far from ordinary! the last in a line of women with incredible psychic powers, mai naievely believes her telekinetic abilities are only good for practical jokes. only when the wisdom alliance tries to exploit her as a weapon and her father puts his life on the line to protect her does she learn her powers are no joke, but capable of unbelievable deadly force!

welcome to the cAeT's anime peige. excuse the mess; it's been a while since i've updated. that, and the ASU server decided to erase half my graphic files. granted, i've graduated, but still... truth is, i never got around to transferring them out, so forgive me as i try to get everything in order. in the meantime, enjoy the meagre graphics i do have. don't forget to check the trivia and critic box either!!

didja know pokemon trivia

in the original game, none of the monsters had a lead role. it was thought that for the tv series that it would be more interesting to have one of the pokemon as a central character. pikachu won the lead due to his distinctive colour and tail. he narrowly beat jigglypuff for the starring role. good thing too. jigglypuff is one irritating pokemon!

in the original manga, all the pokemon talk! it was decided to take this ability away for the anime 'coz producers thought limited communication and dependence upon body language would add more drama and ambiguity to the tv series. looks like they were right!

the producers of pokemon, the first movie were so sure they had a hit that they continured production while the show was off the air for 4 months pending govt investigation (for the seizure "thingy")

the u.s. version of pokemon, the first movie, has 15 more minutes than the japanese version. hmm... wonder what parts they added?

pokemon names depend upon the country the series is shown in. that means the producers had to come up with over 500 names. pikachu is the only character whose name is the same across all countries.

"okay, already, but where are the pictures? every anime page has pictures!!"

unfortunately, this peige doesn't. well, it has thumbnails... as i said, ASU (damn their efficiency) deleted most of my hard-earned (okay, stolen) graphics; and since i hate pags with broken links, i refuse to link the picture galleries until i've made sure every single pictures works! but, not to worry. there are a few galleries that i managed to save; an' here they are!

clamp miscellaneous
blade of the immortal
shinseki evangelion
vampire princess miyu
fushigi yuugi
yoroiden jump troopers

the anime otaku quiz
shinseki evangelion

  • what saying is printed across the bottom of the nerv crest?
  • what well-known company did asuka use to move her stuff into misato's apartment?
  • in episode 23, what is the word painted in the back of rei's room?