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yish. someone jus' complained that i'm not exactly helpful with my lack of description on my individual pages. like this one. so here's a brief summary. it's 2015 a.d., an' the world is recovering from the "second impact" - the melting of the antartic polar ice cap. then angels attack, an' man's only means of fighting back is the evangelions - mechas operated by five fourteen-year-olds: ayanami rei, langley asuka, ikari shinji, suzuhara toji , and nagisa kaoru. why fourteen year olds, we (the non-japanese-speaking, subtitle-reading audience) still don't know. why do we watch, we do know. 'cause it's the best mecha series out. including all of macross, transformers - okay, they weren't mecha - an' voltron. which reminds me..... jus' got four new episodes. so while i'm checking them out, check these out. mate ne.


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